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GOFOR360 - Cystitis

GOFOR360 - Cystitis

30 tablets | Up to 1 month of therapy

Supplement to fight cystitis
Also useful for preventing recurrent cystitis
Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action

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Hiring methods

It is recommended to take it both preventively and during acute cystitis. The recommended dosage is one or two tablets per day, preferably between meals.

Nutritional Table

Average content per maximum recommended dose (2 tablets)

  • Cranberry 240 mg
    equal to PAC 60 mg
  • Grapefruit Seeds 200 mg
    equal to bioflavonoids 114 mg
  • Bearberry e.g. 100 mg
    equal to Arbulina 11 mg
  • D-Mannose 400 mg

General Indications

Indications: food supplement based on Cranberry and Bearberry useful for the functionality of the urinary tract, and Grapefruit seeds to support the drainage of body fluids. Ingredients: Cranberry extract (vaccinium macrocarpon berries tit. 25% in PAC), Grapefruit seeds extract (Citrus Maxima seeds tit. 57% in bioflavonoids), Bearberry (Uva Ursi leaves tit. 11% in arbutin), D-mannose . Excipients: microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate. Recommended dosage: 1 or 2 tablets per day, preferably between meals. Storage method: Store in a cool, dry place, away from light. The expiry date refers to the product correctly stored, in intact packaging. Do not dispose of in the environment after use. Warnings: do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children under 3 years of age. Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Supplements are not intended as substitutes for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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Helps fight ongoing cystitis: Bearberry is an adjuvant in case of urinary tract infections. The effect is further strengthened by Grapefruit Seeds.

Helps prevent cystitis: D-Mannose helps prevent the onset of painful cystitis.

Helps to reduce inflammation: Cranberry, in addition to helping to fight infections, is an excellent ally against inflammatory states that inevitably appear when there are urinary tract infections.



Valid aid to combat the symptoms of cystitis and help the body restore the intestinal flora, fundamental for the health not only of the intestine but also of the urinary tract. Excellent adjuvant for the treatment of cystitis and inflammation of the urinary tract.

Grapefruit Seeds

The seeds of this fruit are known for their ability to counteract infections due to bacteria and fungi, slowing down their progression. The seeds are full of antiseptic and antiviral properties. Excellent in combination with other ingredients to counteract and reduce the frequency of cystitis and urinary tract infections in general in both men and women.


Adjuvant in case of urinary tract infection and cystitis. It has a diuretic action, it is also believed to have an antiseptic action, used to prevent any type of urinary tract infection.


This simple sugar combined with the other ingredients is an excellent support against cystitis. It prevents bacteria from settling on the bladder mucosa, allowing them to be eliminated naturally. It is known to be particularly effective against Escherichia Coli which is one of the bacteria most present in cases of urinary tract infection.

  • Vegan

  • Designed by those who care for you

  • Made in Italy


I am taking an antibiotic for cystitis, can I take the product?

Yes, there is no problem in taking it together with other drugs. Remember to continue taking the supplement even after the acute phase is over

When is it best to take it?

The majority of our customers take the product all year round to help prevent acute cystitis, so the earlier you start the better :)

It's safe?

Cystitis is notified to the Italian Ministry of Health and is formulated by a team of doctors and chemists within our company. Furthermore, every single production batch is completely traceable in every ingredient. Obviously, this product is also made in Italy

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